Washington School Law Update is a monthly newsletter from Porter Foster Rorick LLP summarizing legal developments relevant to Washington public school districts. The update is published electronically on or about the 5th of each month. To be added to or removed from our e-mail distribution list, simply send a request with your name, organization and e-mail address to

Monthly Issues

  • September 2017: First Amendment; IDEA; Open Public Meetings Act; unit clarification; unfair labor practice
  • August 2017: Public works attorney fees; youth concussions; employer interference; representation petition; unilateral change, employer discrimination & employer interference; unit clarification; unfair labor practice
  • July 2017: Open Public Meetings Act; Minimum Wage Act; discrimination; negligence; Public Records Act; union's duty of fair representation; timeliness of petition; union's duty of fair representation, employer domination; skimming; approprateness of bargaining unit; supervisory employees
  • June 2017: Union security provision; recreational immunity; unit clarification; refusal to bargain
  • May 2017: Public Records Act; duty of good faith and fair dealing; immigration enforcement; duty to bargain in good faith; employer interference; decertfication; interference: discrimination
  • April 2017: Special education standards, statute of limitations and negligence in the context of students placed at private facilities; teacher discipline; race- and sex-conscious measures in public contracting; the Open Public Meetings Act and telephonic meetings; duty of fair representation, employer interference, unilateral change in wages, hours, or working conditions, refusal to bargain, duty to bargain in good faith, unit clarification and the cross-check process; and a PFR public records training opportunity
  • March 2017: Disability discrimination; transgender discrimination; wrongful discharge; open public meetings; duty of fair representation and duty to bargain; and PFR training opportunities