Business Services & Transactions

The attorneys at PFR continually look for ways to help schools achieve their financial and operational goals, and are often able to identify new ways to reach them. The firm is particularly proud to have facilitated a number of innovative local agreements, joint ventures, and cooperative projects that have enhanced our clients’ ability to provide excellent education. Whether building new relationships with partners or vendors, or handling the day-to-day business affairs of the district, our clients rely on us to draft and review critical documents and provide seasoned counsel to protect their interests.

  • Financial Accounting and Audit Findings
  • Joint Ventures and Cooperative Projects
  • Personal and Professional Service Contracts
  • Competitive Procurement and Contracting
  • Copyright and Trademark Protection and Compliance
  • Insurance Coverage and Risk Management
  • Commercial Dispute Resolution
  • Creditor/Debtor Rights
  • Interlocal Agreements